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Tomorrows Classic Cars – Diesels

This is the second of my posts investigating modern cars that are likely to become tomorrow’s classics. Today let us try to find tomorrow’s classic cars, this time we consider diesel models that can be picked up for relatively little money today.

BMW 535D

The car that put performance diesel cars on the map, with a front end that could scare a grizzly.

The 535D with its twin turbo engine was a masterstroke and surely must be a contender for the title Classic Diesel of Tomorrow?

Even thirteen year old 535D’s hold their price well, but don’t be surprised if given a few years they start to take off on the classic car market.

This 2005 car advertised on Gumtree for £3500 with 135.000 miles on the clock.

Rover 75 2.0 CDTi (Connoisseur)

Jaguar might not have been that chuffed when people said the Rover 75 “looked a bit like a Jag” but it did have more than a passing similarity to the bargain basement Jaguar X-Type.

Many think that the 75 was the best car Rover had built for years, which was a shame as it heralded Rover’s final decline. If you want a potential classic for ‘down the back of the sofa’ money, this is probably your baby!

This 2005 car was found on Autotrader for only £950 with 108,000 miles!

Jaguar S-Type 2.7 D V6 Sport

By heck this is a lot of car for the money! A diesel engine that sounds and performs like a petrol engine and is so quiet you could hear a cockroach cough.

A car that is as nice inside as it is outside, hugely comfortable and spacious. The Sport has a very modern-looking sporty aluminium fascia too, rather reminiscent of the E-Type.

Traction control, stability control… lots of stuff you see so much of these days, yet on a car that you can get for a fraction of the price you would pay for a new car now.

This 2005 car was found on Gumtree for £2300 with 103,000 miles.

Volkswagen Touareg 5.0

The Touareg is a 5.0 litre V10 beast of a vehicle that feels like it could pull a Boeing 747 with ease and up a 2 in 1 slope.

You either like vehicles like the “Toerag” or you don’t, but clearly many people do… a lot!

If you want to pick one up on the cheap, it ain’t going to happen, but spend half what you would on a new Dacia and you will be glad you did.

Tomorrow’s classic? What do you think?

This 2003 model was found on NewsNow Classifieds for £5500 with just 86.000 miles.

BMW 320D M Sport

This was the BMW created to turn the head of Ford’s Mondeo man. With a keen eye on value for money it soon shook the competition.

The M Pack refinement offered a leather steering wheel, armrest storage, a sporty gear knob, under seat storage pods and more importantly great handling and brilliant suspension.

Or I guess you could buy a Mondeo… they are becoming collectable now.

This 2003 car was found on Gumtree for £2000 with 98.000 miles.

Jaguar X-Type

This was the Jag that many said was almost more Mondeo than Jaguar, though in reality nothing could be further from the truth.

True it had some borrowed elements from Ford and launching it at the same time as the S-Type made it look more dated than granny’s knickers, scratch the surface and it was very much a Jag.

Try driving one of each and you will soon see how different they are.

This 2004 car was found on Gumtree for £2200 with a very low 45000 miles on the clock.


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