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Calm down dear it’s only a diesel

Diesel was good a few years back and petrol was bad, today electric is good, petrol is a bit bad and diesel drivers are heartless, selfish and would probably drown small puppies if you let them. Negative publicity is making diesel cars very unpopular, so much so they have prompted the return of “scrappage”. One day these monsters are likely to be sought after for their rarity, but which ones?

Burn the Witch!

There is something reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials going on in the tabloids. After decades of common sense, owners driving ever-improving, fuel sipping, increasingly reliable diesel cars, are suddenly being exposed as destroyers of the planet and murderers of little children.

It would be easy to get into arguments over who is responsible for polluting what, but one can’t help feeling that a few years down the political road, there may will be a volte-face and it will be petrol engines turn to take a kicking.

That’s not the point of this article, for there is a likelihood that the rounding-up of all those terrible old diesels and making cubes out of them, will mean that they will become very much rarer. Rare cars, like rare anything, increase in value in proportion to the scarcity.

Medium or Rare?

If a car is going to be a candidate for ‘scrappage’ it will be more than a few years old. In fact the older it is, up to a point, the more likely it will be scrapped. There is not much kudos to be had in owning a prestige car once it gets to be about ten years old, yet that same car at thirty years old is likely to be a sound investment if it becomes a cult classic.

In my next post I am going to draw up a list of diesel cars that could be a really good investment. It will be a personal view, so I would be delighted to hear your opinions/suggestions. You don’t need to wait for my list to appear, you can join the discussion by using the comment form below.